viernes, 25 de marzo de 2016

"Humberto", by Carlos Barba Salva / Official Selection 2016 Tiburon International Film Festival

Description:  Welcome to the 15th Annual Tiburon International Film Festival, a showcase for independent feature and short films from around the world. There are more than 30 countries participating this year with subjects range from music to animation, fiction documentary.

The focus this year is on Cuba with such films as 13 Million Voices (Janelle Gueits), which tells the story of the historic Peace Without Borders concert in Havana; Craving Cuba (Zuzy Martin Lynch), about the Cuban-American experience, relative to what's happening with Cuba today; and Humberto (Carlos Barba Salva) a film, which explores the life and work of celebrated Cuban filmmaker ‪‎Humberto Solas‬, director of the seminal film "Lucia."  

There is also a Focus on Iranian Cinema, with the most vibrant films coming from a nation which has been away from the erst of the world for years of being under sanction, with Oblivion Season, about the challenges that the women face in today's Iranian society. Also, The Buffalo, about a couple trying to flee Iran; and Atlan, about a young Turkman who wants to marry the girl of his life but has some challenges ahead of him.

To support the local filmmakers, Marin Filmmakers, has been the most successful program created for the local film community, with some interesting films such as: The Bridge Partner, From the Golden Gate to the Farallones, The Mountain King, Northern Lights.

While the local filmmakers have been given an opportunity to shine with their films, Bay Area Showcase, will look at the filmmakers from the San Francisco Bay Area, with some very talented and hopeful filmmakers who have brought Hollywood to the North, with their films: Birthday, Mermaids on Mars, Shakespeare in the Shadows, Melancholy Palace of Fine Arts, Diablo, The Martyr. 

In 1971, comedian Jerry Lewis started working on a Holocaust film he ended up hiding all the footage. The film was called The Day the Clown Cried. After nearly 45 years a British filmmaker puts this film back on spotlight again, a film which Lewis himself avoids questions why it never was released. 

The festival as always pays extra attention to the current events, and this year is presenting two films on the Syrian refugee crisis, one is #73, about countless families of the Yezidi minority in Kurdistan who left Syria for the fear of mass executions, and the other Life on the Border, about 8 children living in refugee camps in Kobane, after ISIS attacked their cities, which should not be missed.

On the lighter side, an all dance and romance film from India, Let's Dance to the Rhythm, will take the audience on a roller coaster ride of a love story between a young singer and her musician mentor set against the backdrop of the jazz clubs of Bombay. 

Poster Designed By: Katherine Chen