lunes, 18 de enero de 2016

"About Humberto", by Juliana Powell-Vazquez

Humberto Solás, a film by Carlos Barba Salva
By Juliana Powell-Vazquez

Director Carlos Barba Salva was a longtime student and assistant to Humberto Solás and this film is evidence of the effects of learning from such a gifted and powerful presence in the film industry. He wonderfully captured the career of a man who was not only talented in his field, but was a prominent figure for social change in Cuba. The timeline unfolds through a series of vignettes about his movies, beginning with Lucia and finishing with Barrio Cuba. Each section features quotes and stories from actors, script writers, and producers who worked alongside Humberto to make his movies come to life. This unique biographical perspective allows the viewer to connect and feel the presence of such an outstanding director and leader in Cuban society. It is clear through the passionate, heartfelt, and sometimes amusing, stories that Humberto has left a large mark not only in Cuba, or cinema, but on those who knew him personally.

Phoenix, Az. January 2016.